The personal information requested when sending an order is gathered by and saved on digital media, in order to satisfy the obligations that arise from the contract signed with the Client. In no case and for no reason is said information transferred to third-parties. guarantees its Clients that it respects the regulations regarding use of personal information, governed by the Privacy Code, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 196 of 30/06/2003.
The dataholder is Renato Menegatti Srl, with its offices in Via Conca 1/3 – 36030 Villaverla VI Italy, represented by the person who serves as its legal representative, unless a data manager is assigned, pursuant to article 29 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003. At any time, the client has the right to revoke their consent regarding the use of their personal information, through a written notice sent to, at the address indicated above. The client, pursuant to article 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, has the right to access their information using the methods envisaged therein.
Marketing communications (newsletters) are sent only with the explicit consent of the Client, given together with the authorization for use and upon sending of the online registration form.


No personal user information is intentionally acquired by the site.
Cookies are not used to send information of a personal nature, so-called “persistent cookies” of any type are not used – that is systems to trace users.
The use of session cookies (which are not recorded in a persistent manner on the user’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identification information (consisting of random numbers generated by the server), which are necessary to allow safe and efficient navigation of the site.

The session cookies used on this site avoid the use of other technical information that could potentially impact the privacy of the user’s navigation, and do not allow the acquisition of personal information that identifies the user.